Recent Events 

Keyworth Christmas Tree Festival
The Methodist church in Keyworth held a biannual Christmas tree festival on the weekend before Christmas day this year. We were asked to display a tree again, and in keeping with our phylosophy we had a fruit theme and used a natural branch with homemade decorations. But this year we added dried oranges and apples which gave a real jewel-like quality to the tree. 


A snowy evening in January was a perfect time for a wassail. It was a fun evening where we gathered round a members apple tree to encourage snowy evening in January was a perfect time for a wassail. It was a fun evening where we gathered round a members apple 
Followed by singing and lots of banging and shouting! A hot fire and homemade mulled cider warmed us all up that evening.

Keyworth Show 2012
After a wet start we managed to put up a wonderful stall. it was made colourful by the herbs which we hoped would promote the new Herb Telephone Box project that we launched this year. We attracted plenty of interest as adults sampled the jams and chutneys we produced and the children made apple frogs and planted cress to take home with them. It was a fun
daythat was made special by talking to enthusiastic like-minded people that were fully behind our efforts.

Video day  - summer 2012
As part of Rushcliffe councils environmental information on there website we were asked if we would like to be filmed picking and distributing on the stall, for a short video. 
The film crew arrived at a Keyworth residence home one afternoon, and several of us got ready to pick the cooking apples, without trying to feeling too camera shy. But the film crew made us feel very relaxed and we were soon giving brief interviews and going about our fruit picking for the cameras.
The evening team showed them to another garden were they picked pears and talked of the benefits of our group.
Saturday we showed them a wonderful stall, despite the poor season for fruit, we had chilli plants, herbs as well as apples and pears.
Alex, the Chef at the Village Bistro in Keyworth came down to join us with very stylish dishes to show what can be done with some of the fruit. The crew had a brief chat with the local residence who visited the stall to get there views.
We look forward to the short video, and will post the link as soon as we can.