So How does it work?

It's pretty simple really. You let us know where the trees are. We get together a team of willing harvesters. When your fruit is ripe you give us a call and we come and harvest it for you.

What will we do with the fruit?

Our aim is that none of it is wasted.What fruit you don't want will be distributed on a saturday morning in the Keyworth Square, given to local Cafes or used by volunteers to make Juice, Jams and Chutneys that will be available most Saturdays on the stall.

Care and Awareness

We will make sure that any harvesting on private land is only undertaken with permission of the owner and with respect for property. When trees are located on public land then the trees are seen as a public resource. If there is any evidence that the tree is being harvested by others we will not harvest it. Care will be taken not to damage the tree and some fruit will be left on the tree for wildlife and to drop and rot back into the soil.

Everyone can take part in Abundance - whatever age or ability. There are many different parts to the project, and there is a role for everyone.