Welcome to the Keyworth Abundance website

This site is delivered by the Abundance team, to promote the groups activities and allow the residents of Keyworth to contact us to request or offer help.

  • Fruit Picking

    We pick your 'abundant' or excess fruit once or twice a week during season.
    In the last few years we have picked Apples, Pears, Plums, Damsons, Cherries, Grapes.

    If you would like our picking team to help you, please use the "Contact us" page.

  • Fruit Redistribution

    Most Saturday mornings during the peak harvesting times at Keyworth village square
    usually 10 am until 12 pm

  • Apple Pressing Days

    At least once a year we have an apple pressing day where we will press fruit we have picked, and encourage anyone to bring their own produce to press for juice, wine or cider making.

Core values
The benefits of this project are huge. Less waste, less food needing to be imported. A chance for people to learn new skills and make new friends, and an opportunity to build community spirit in Keyworth.